11 November 2019 year 1151

A delegation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

On September 23-28 this year, a delegation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on a study trip. During the visit, the delegation of the Ministry held about 10 working meetings with heads and representatives of departments of the Ministry of public security of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese side expressed interest in the ongoing reforms in the system of public order protection, in particular, the measures being implemented to implement the Concept of "Safe capital", including a round-the-clock three-shift patrol regime involving at least 70 percent of the public order forces in the evening and at night, as well as ongoing reforms in the field of road safety, including within the framework Of the concept of road safety in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2018-2022.

As a result of the meetings, detailed information was received about the activities of the Ministry of public security of Vietnam and its structural units, the ongoing reforms in the field of public order protection, the order of service by public security bodies, as well as the following main trends in the reform of the Vietnamese police:

First. The Vietnamese leadership pays special attention to the fight against corruption. So, in recent years, about 90 acts of legislation at various levels have been adopted in the fight against corruption, including the new version of the Criminal code, the laws "on prevention and fight against corruption", "on state audit", "on inspection", "on settlement of complaints", "on prevention and fight against money laundering", the national anti-corruption strategy for the period up to 2020, and others.

Second. As a positive experience, the mechanisms for combating cyber crime were presented. Taking into account the relevance of cyber security in the structure of the Ministry of public security, a special Department of cyber security and crime control with the use of high technologies has been created.

Third. On November 27, 2015, a new version of the Criminal code of Vietnam was adopted, which consists of 3 parts, 26 chapters and 426 articles and comes into force on January 1, 2019. The new version of the Criminal code introduced a new type of criminal punishment as a "warning", which can be applied to persons who have committed a minor crime, there are circumstances that mitigate the punishment and there is a possibility of correction, convicted without assigning criminal penalties. The new Criminal code also establishes criminal liability for legal entities.

Fourth. In Vietnam, there are strict requirements for obtaining driver's licenses: a differential system of driver's licenses (A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, C, D, E, F, etc.) is used, which allows you to clearly distinguish the types of vehicles, as well as to set individual validity periods and age restrictions for each type of permit.

Fifth. The availability of high-quality toll highways has laid a solid Foundation for attracting private investment and establishing public-private partnerships. The road network development strategy of Vietnam for the period 2010-2020 and with the prospect of 2030, introduced a network of toll highways.

The positive experience of the Republic of Vietnam will be used in the development of draft relevant legal acts aimed at improving the activities of internal Affairs bodies.

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