Instructions for using the website and the meaning of the terms

When visiting the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, the user will not encounter difficulties: the site is user-friendly, the choice of colors in the design fully meets the standards of site construction.

The main menu of the site consists of 6 items:

About the Ministry - the initial page of the website where it is located, the history of the Ministry, management, tasks, functions and rights of the institution, the list of departments of the Ministry, its subordinate organizations, a division of the Ministry.

Press center-here you can find news announcements, events, management reports, photo and video gallery, media accreditation rules, information about the press service of the Ministry.

Public services-a list of services provided to legal entities and individuals.

Address – Contact details of the Ministry, the order of appeal, schedule an appeal, a virtual each Minister, as well as the category questions and answers.

Register of NPA-Category Normative legal acts, with links to documents on Lex.uz

E-government - news and participation of the Ministry in E-government projects

Interactive services – a List and links to interactive services of the Ministry located in a Single portal of public services.

In the left panel You can see a menu consisting of buttons:

Home - home page of the website

RSS-channel-a system of subscription to the news feed, announcements of articles. If you use programs for reading RSS-news-it will be useful for you.

FAQ-a List of answers to frequently asked questions from users.

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