20 November 2019 year 206

A resident of Surkhandarya region was detained during the sale of drugs for 8,000 US dollars

1 November 2019 the Management staff to ensure a safe tourism police Department in Surkhandarya region during operatively-preventive actions in danauskas the area at the time of sale for 8 thousand dollars 732,49 grams of narcotic substance "marijuana", Packed 200 matchboxes was detained previously convicted resident of this district N. In 2015 he was brought to trial in accordance with the item "in" parts of 2 articles 167 ("Theft by appropriation or embezzlement"), part 1 of article 209 ("forgery") Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 2018, he was also prosecuted under part 1 of article 270 ("Cultivation of prohibited crops"), part 2 of article 276 ("Illegal manufacture, acquisition, storage and other actions with narcotic drugs, their analogues or psychotropic substances without the purpose of sale"), article 57 ("Imposition of a more lenient punishment") and article 59 ("Imposition of punishment for the Commission of several crimes") of the Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Operational and preventive measures were continued in the house N., where also in the closet was found 3.34 g of narcotic substance "marijuana".

As a result of preliminary investigations, it turned out that N. purchased a narcotic substance from a resident of the mahalla "Kuevsuv" Denau district A.

During the inspection of the house A. also found 194.09 g of the narcotic substance "marijuana".

On this fact the Investigative Department of the company OVD Denau district against citizens of N. A. a criminal case under article 273 ("Illegal production, purchase, storage and other actions with narcotic drugs, their analogues or substances with a sales objective and sale of thereof") and article 25 ("Preparation to crime and attempt at a crime") the Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. An investigation is underway.

In turn, the Department of internal Affairs of Surkhandarya region reported on the ongoing work to combat drug trafficking for 10 months of this year. During this period, 128 such cases were detected in the region. Of these, 29 cases – the sale of drugs, 17-possession of drugs, 50-cultivation of drug-containing plants, 32 cases-the delivery of drugs by smuggling. In total, 69 kg 457 g of narcotic substances were seized.

Press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs

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